Pre- stretched stretch film / stretched stretch film

  • Pre-stretched stretch film or even stretched stretch film as a replacement for conventional stretch film from 17μm – 30μm
  • Pre-stretched stretch films or stretched stretch films turn out to be highly efficient stretch films
  • This foil has reinforced edges
  • Available as machine stretch film as well as hand stretch film
  • The goods are fixed on the pallet by the extremely high restoring forces of the stretch film
  • Innostretch is revolutionary on the film market due to its significantly improved processability and excellent value for money
  • 600m stretch film are on the hand roller = double the amount of a conventional 300m hand stretch film.
  • The stretch film does not stick to each other

Anti-static stretch film / antistatic pink stretch film / pink transparent stretch film

Antistatic stretch film is mainly used in the packaging of sensitive products, electronic products and circuit boards. This film has been specially developed to avoid static electricity, because they have a dissipative surface coating. In order to be able to differentiate these products from conventional films, antistatic films are generally produced in a pink-transparent way.

Anti-static stretch films are specially used

  • Protection for electronics
  • Protection for electronic components
  • Protection for electrical appliances
  • Protection for circuit boards









blue stretch film / translucent blue stretch film / blue transparent stretch film

Blue stretch film or translucent blue film is used especially in the food industry. Wherever contact between the stretch film and the food could exist. The translucent certified stretch film is approved for this use. In order to differentiate these products from conventional films, they are usually produced in a blue transparent manner.

  • Stretch film for food industry
  • Food safe stretch film
  • blue stretch film
  • translucent blue stretch film
  • blue transparent stretch film
  • certified stretch film

Opaque black stretch film protects against

  • Staub

  • dust
  • wetness
  • dirt
  • theft

where your products are protected from unwanted glances.

Punched stretch film

Gelochte Stretchfolie

perforated stretch film are specially designed for

  • dairy packaging
  • milk packaging
  • beverage packaging
  • Horticulture packaging
  • floristry packaging
  • packing for flowers
  • growing packaging
  • canning container
  • pharmaceutical packaging
  • Food packaging

being considered. It is needed wherever the circulation of the air must be ensured or condensation must dry off.

Mini Stretch

Mini Stretch is perfect for

  • Bundle up
  • wrap
  • Fix
  • Protecting small objects
  • individual cardboard boxes
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